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Therapeutic Art

Hello creative spirits! 

Welcome to another week of our Healing through Community series at We Are Starfish. This time, we dive into the tactile and therapeutic world of pottery—a craft that goes beyond molding clay into beautiful forms; it shapes healing, connection, and personal transformation. Pottery is more than just creating with clay; it's a meditative practice that engages the senses and connects us to the earth. This week, we explore the therapeutic benefits of pottery, from the calming sensation of working with clay to the mindfulness that comes with molding and shaping it into unique, tangible forms. Our community is buzzing with the soothing hum of spinning pottery wheels and the gentle shaping of clay. We'll shine a spotlight on community members who have found solace and healing through pottery. From handcrafted mugs to intricate sculptures, these projects tell stories of personal growth and resilience.

We'll sit down with local potters who actively contribute to community healing through their craft. Gain insights into their creative process, the meditative aspects of pottery, and how they engage with the community to promote well-being through clay. If you're curious to try your hand at pottery, hether you're an experienced potter or a first-time clay enthusiast, we invite you to share your pottery experiences and thoughts on the healing power of this craft. How has pottery impacted your life? Have you found a sense of calm and connection through molding clay? 

As we mold and shape clay, may we also mold and shape our own paths to healing and well-being. Stay tuned for next week's exploration of sewing, textiles, and the art of creating with fabric.

In the spirit of clay and creativity,

Happy potting!

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