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Our mission is to create a virtual community that helps lay the groundwork for a self-sustainable community, providing resources, support, and opportunities to people who have suffered from childhood trauma.

Stay tuned for upcoming events to support our cause.

We are currently working on several projects to help those affected by childhood trauma, including counseling services and educational programs.

Join us in creating a better future for those who have suffered from childhood trauma. Volunteer, donate or spread the word.

Childrens Activity Set


With a background in young children's development and music for young children, Sharon recorded a children's album and has delighted children and families in an endearing, fun and educational way. Part of The proceeds of each sale goto support WEARESTARFISH.ORG Mission. 

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48 Hour Youth Film Project

REEL RUSH - FREE 48 Hour Youth Film Project !

Lights, camera, creativity! Join the youth filmmaking frenzy at Kidflix Express and TeenScene 48 – where young directors bring their stories to life in just 48 hours!" Introducing "Kidflix Express: 48-Hour Film Frenzy" and "TeenScene 48: Lights, Camera, Action!" - where young filmmakers become the stars of their own cinematic adventure !

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Safety Info Tag


The Baby I.C.E. personal ID Tag goes above and beyond to ensure your child or toddler's emergency contact information is readily available for Emergency responders. With just a quick scan, vital details are available even when you can't speak for them. Part of the proceeds from sales goto support the WEARESTARFISH.ORG Mission.

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Story 2 Screen Weekly Show

Join us every Tuesday night at 9 PM Eastern Time on KPEO radio for a rollercoaster ride through the minds of your favorite storytellers. From Hollywood legends to indie darlings, we've got them all right here! So grab your popcorn, crank up the volume, and join the party every Tuesday night at 9 PM Eastern Time on KPEO radio. Story 2 Screen - where the thrill of storytelling takes center stage!

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