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We are a 501 C3 Foundation creating a virtual community to help lay the groundwork for the self-sustainable community we are building. Our mission is to provide resources, support, and opportunities to people that have suffered from childhood trauma. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background, deserves a chance to thrive and lead a fulfilling life. Join us in this journey towards healing and empowerment. 

We are creating community living for 

- young people aging out of foster care

- Veterans

- Single parent families fleeing domestic violence

- Aged single adults without family 

- Victims of poverty, violence and abuse



We provide a wide range of services to support our community members on their journey towards healing and self-sufficiency. Our services include counseling, mentorship, educational resources, job training, and financial assistance. We also organize events and workshops to promote social connections and personal growth. All our services are designed to empower our community members and help them build a brighter future.

1. **Earthship  community Homes:**

   - We provide young adults aging out of foster care with sustainable and off-grid Earthship homes.

   - Earthships are designed to minimize environmental impact, utilizing natural and recycled materials for construction, and             incorporating renewable energy sources for self-sufficiency.


2. **Community-Based Living:**

   - Foster a sense of belonging through a community-centric living model.

   - Shared communal spaces within the WeAreStarfish community allow residents to engage in social activities, workshops,           and mutual support.


3. **Life Skills Workshops:**

   - Offer comprehensive life skills workshops covering financial literacy, budgeting, cooking, and other essential skills for               independent living.

   - Workshops are facilitated by professionals and community members, providing practical insights and hands-on learning             experiences.


4. **Mentorship Programs:**

   - Connect residents with experienced mentors who provide guidance, support, and encouragement.

   - Mentors offer valuable insights into personal and professional development, acting as positive role models for young                 adults navigating the challenges of independence.


5. **Career Development Opportunities:**

   - Collaborate with local businesses and organizations to create internship and job placement opportunities.

   - Provide vocational training programs to enhance residents' skills and increase their employability.


6. **Educational Facilities:**

   - On-site classrooms and educational resources to support academic pursuits and skill development.

   - Partner with educational institutions and experts to offer tailored learning experiences that align with the residents' goals           and aspirations.


7. **Health and Well-being Support:**

   - Access to healthcare resources and mental health services.

   - Promote a holistic approach to well-being, including fitness programs, counseling services, and community wellness                   initiatives.


8. **Financial Assistance and Counseling:**

   - Provide financial assistance for education, vocational training, and other essential needs.

   - Offer financial counseling to help residents manage budgets, savings, and long-term financial planning.


9. **Community Engagement Events:**

   - Organize regular community events, fostering a sense of togetherness.

   - Collaborate with local partners to host cultural, recreational, and educational activities that enrich the overall community            experience.


10. **Advocacy and Support Services:**

    - Advocate for the rights and well-being of young adults aging out of foster care.

    - Offer legal and advocacy support to navigate systems and ensure residents have access to the resources they need.


By offering this comprehensive range of services, aims to create an environment where young adults can not only find shelter but also build the skills, relationships, and support systems necessary for a successful transition to independent adulthood.

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