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Paving the path to a brighter future

Updated: Mar 13

As a man, it can be tough to talk about trauma that we have experienced. As someone who has experienced childhood and adult trauma, it is exactly that need to stay quiet that begins to separate us from the amazing life we were designed for.

My specific experiences may be irrelevant to you. II could almost say "insert your story here". Because there is no one else on this planet that will feel my pain the way I did. But that would also be unfair because it is simply the fact that I did experience trauma, didn't always have the help to find what had been available to help me. I lashed out in my own way.. before finding a path to healing and wholeness. The point is that it is almost impossible to get through this experience called life without trauma. Some of us were better equipped to deal with it, some of us got help early on, and some of us are still searching.

I found poetry and music early on. It gave me a way to conquer the hurt without fueling my sadness or anger and helped me to quiet the storm inside me. It would take years before I would find what truly brought me into the place I am now. This foundation was built by and for us. We all have our reasons for being here, I am here because I want to help build a world that I want to live in. One of the Arms of Our Starfish is building a self-sustaining, eco-friendly faith-based community with Organic Farming, Educational Support, Wellness and Recovery Programs, and Respite Care. These communities will work independently and yet can support each other. To help create a better world with us ... Reach Out!

written by Erik Krefeld

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